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The YARD Program is about experiences that will shape and impact young peoples lives. A bicycle can bring immense joy and create lasting memories for everyone. It can also change the trajectory of one’s life. Being a high level professional racer may not be realistic for most, but racing at a high level and enjoying the ride as you grow into who you will be is certainly possible through YARD.


Bryce watson 15 bentonville ar

The legend of his hair precedes him. Bryce has only been on the bike for two years, but his passion for the sport runs deep. He wears a perma-smile along with his Junk headband and is looking to up his game as we head into a summer of BME Racing. Bryce’s ability instantly make friends with all other trail goers is uncanny. That disarming charm automatically brings people in and gives them the opportunity to experience that incredibly good natured young man.

Austin Johnston 15 bentonville ar

The Turtle Boss is a stone hammer on the bike and one of the most genuine souls on the planet. Austin rides with more power than most his age and harnessing that energy will be the key to his success this summer. Austin’s journey is a bit different than most, as the bike provides amazing therapy for him and his family. Austin has Autism and his goal is to use the YARD platform to inspire others to excel in life regardless of their situation.

Mary James

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Anne Nelson

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Kimberly James

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