Beyond Clinic offerings, our World Class Instruction is available in  Small Group Sessions, One-on-One Private Instruction, or  Long Term Development Programs. This is your opportunity to create a setting that is more conducive to maximizing your riding enjoyment. 



SMALL GROUP instruction

This is our most popular offering! The Small Group Session provides a custom curriculum that targets EXACTLY what your group is looking to improve upon. Starting with input from the Rider Bios, we construct a day that provides rapid, targeted progression. We also pride ourselves in the ability to promote side by side growth with riders with varying skill levels. A key component to this is instant feedback using slow motion video analysis and adjustable implements. This format provides built in "rest periods" to let riders reflect and apply the teachings. Riders will be provided with Skratch Labs hydration throughout the day and invited to take advantage of special discounts on Kali Protectives Helmets/Pads and MRP products as well. Following the session, each rider receives a "highlight reel" and Session Wrap Up. 
4 hours
High Level of Personal Attention
Controlled Environment or Specific Trail Setting
Customized curriculum
Trailside video analysis

3 Riders -  $1095 (Additional Riders $250 Each up to 6 total)


ONE ON ONE instruction

Completely customized to your needs, One-on-One coaching begins with an in depth consultation to determine how best to maximize your time before hitting the trail. Curriculum will be developed around your current skill level and desired progression. Building on the Small Group package, a One-on-One client can expect:
Focused one-on-one attention
Drills and exercises tailored specifically to your ability and goals
Immediate feedback and implementation to instill technique
Use of composite ramps to progress in lifting, dropping and jumping
Complete video analysis and review sent to rider upon completion

$150 per hour, 4 hour minimum. 


We can provide individualized program development designed around your specific goals and life factors. Stepping outside the current paradigm of “coaching,” we will take all elements of your unique situation into account when crafting your plan for success on the bike, and in life! CLIENT LIST IS VERY LIMITED.

This plan may include all or some of the following:
Weekly Programming & Communication
Nutrition Education & Planning
Strength Training
Recovery Protocol
One-on-one trail guidance with customized length and frequency
Race Day Strategy and Post-Race Evaluation
Ongoing evaluation and revision to ensure effectiveness

Contact for options and pricing

Youth Programming

Please contact us for Youth specific group and individualized instruction.